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My Ultramarine Gallery

Welcome to Kevin Avent's Ultramarine Gallery. I started collecting, building and painting my Ultramarine army in December of 2001.

The individual model views in parenthesis are as follows:
F = Front, B = Back, L = Left, R = Right, T = Top, G = Group.

Click on the view letter (F,B,L,R,T, or G) for a pop up window that displays that image.

IMPORTANT NOTE:    This is a Decal-Free army!  That's right, NO DECALS were used in the creation of this army!  All of my models have hand painted markings and symbols.

This page is under construction so the links that are red (or white) are active, the green links are not active.
Marneus Calgar (F) (B)

Captain Invictus (F) (B)
Ancient Helveticus (F) (B)
Cheif Librarian Tigurius (F) (B)
Chaplain Cassius (F) (B)
Force Commander in Terminator Armor (F) (B)
Force Commander (F) (B)
Chaplain with Jump Pack (F) (B)
Emperor's Champion (F) (B)

Command Squad
-   Veteran Sargeant (F) (B)
-   Techmarine (F) (B)
-   Apothecary (F) (B)
-   Standard Bearer (F) (B)
Dreadnought - "Goliath"

Terminator Squad #1
-   Terminator Sargeant
-   Cyclone Missle Launcher
-   Power Fist/Storm Bolter Terminators
-   Power Fist/Heavy Flamer Terminators
-   Chain Fist Terminator

Vindicare Assassin (pose 1) (F) (B)
Vindicare Assassin (pose 2)
Eversor Assasin
Callidus Assasin
Culexus Assasin
Tactical Squad #1
-   Veteran Sargeant (F)
-   Missle Launcher
-   Melta Gun
-   Rhino Transport (F) (B) (L) (R) (T)

Tactical Squad #2
-   Veteran Sargeant
-   Missle Launcher
-   Flamer
-   Rhino Transport (F) (B) (L) (R) (T)

Tactical Squad #3
-   Veteran Sargeant
-   Missle Launcher
-   Flamer

Tactical Squad #4
-   Veteran Sargeant
-   Missle Launcher
-   Melta Gun

Tactical Squad #5
-   Veteran Sargeant
-   Missle Launcher
-   Plasma Gun

Scout Squad #1
-   Scout Sargeant
-   Heavy Bolter
-   Sniper Rifle
-   Sniper Rifle in Camo

Assault Squad
-   Veteran Assault Sargeant
-   Assault Marine w/ Plasma Pistol
-   Assault Marine w/ Bolt Pistol

Bike Squad
-   Bike Sargeant
-   Bike Marines

Land Speeder Sqaudron
-   Land Speeder 1 w/ Heavy Bolter (leader)
-   Land Speeder 2 w/ Multi-melta (wingman)
-   Land Speeder Tornado
-   Land Speeder Typhoon
Land Raider MkIII (F) (B) (R) (L) (T)

Land Raider MkIII Crusader

Vindicator (L) (R)

Devastator Squad
-   Veteran Devastator Sargeant (F) (B)
-   Missle Launcher (F) (B)
-   Lascannon (R)
-   Heavy Bolter (R)
-   Plasma Cannon (F) (B)
-   Multi-Melta (F) (B)
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